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Production process

Artbois guarantees the best quality and finish for all its glulam production. To consistently achieve this level of quality, we strictly adhere to a robust and proven production process. Our integrated process allows us to both perform complex structural studies and deliver them ‘ready to use’ from our production site.

1. Sorting and selection

  • Selection of suppliers according to precise specifications and taking into account market developments
  • Selection, sizing and purging of wood strips according to precise criteria of section, hygrometry and dimensional stability
  • Continuously controlled drying in the entire production flow
  • Semi-automated sorting in the company in addition to a ‘four eyes’ control

2. Fitting

  • Automated filleting using a “Zero VOC” glue under the supervision of an operator
  • Fingerjointing “in the flow” of the sorting and selection
  • Finger jointing capability

3. Planing, Gluing

  • First operation planing/deburring for optimal press-fitting
  • VOC (volatile organic compound) free sizing
  • Operation carried out in the direct line of the sorting in order to facilitate the pressing

4. Pressing

  • One of the largest presses in Europe with a capacity of 43 linear meters and a height of 2.40 meters
  • Optimized and reliable pressing cycles to ensure the impeccable durability of any production
  • Semi-automated operation performed under the control of a specialized operator

5. Final planing

  • After pressing, the final planing removes any excess and prepares the material for cutting and finishing

6. Sawing

  • Cutting made to measure according to your needs. We optimize the recycling of your scraps which are not charged to you
  • High precision digital cutting (capacity 300mm x 900mm x 40 000 000mm)

7. Treatment and finishing

  • Fungicide and insecticide treatment of the whole production
  • Varnishing, staining or any other finish according to specifications

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