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Glulam allows us to carry out all types of structural projects, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. The glulam frameworks create unexpected possibilities of space clearance, allowing a better exploitation of the available surfaces. Our production integrates all types of development and applications: tenons, mortises, splines, bevels for ridges, panes, runners, trusses.

Structures of art

Artbois glulam lends itself particularly well to harmonious use in any type of environment for a bridge, viaduct or any other temporary or permanent structure. The excellent mechanical properties of glulam are coupled with exceptional ease of use and durability. Rapidly installed, glulam structures are particularly well suited to mixed uses. They meet the most demanding specifications while offering particularly competitive rates. Temporary structures made of glulam are also easily recyclable, which improves the total acquisition cost.


Easy to transport and install, Artdalles floors made of Artbois glulam are free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They can be used in both new and renovation projects, in residential, industrial or commercial buildings. With an unequalled finish, Artdalles floors have the advantage of being double-sided, finished and ready to use. Between different floors of the same building, Artdalles floors allow the finishing and mechanical structure of the upper floor to be completed in a single installation.

Complex Designs

Nothing stops Artbois glulam! We carry out any type of project, whether the glulam structure is load-bearing or not. The assistance of our design office, present on site, guarantees the good design of our works and a production of irreproachable quality. Artbois glulam can be easily integrated with other materials, allowing the realization of projects of a scale and complexity that are not within the reach of other materials.

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