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Artbois produces on a single integrated production site using the latest technologies in the field of glulam. We can prefabricate and pre-assemble in our workshop any glulam structure up to 40 meters long and 6 meters wide.
Our products are perfectly suited to the requirements of projects involving complex architectural forms. Our product range is regularly expanded with new products and specialties, such as glulam from Belgian larch.

Large Beams

  • Finger-jointed/glued wood sections of 300mmx2500mmX40.000.000mm
  • Available in Douglas fir, pine, spruce and larch
  • Strength classes GL24H/GL24C/GL28H/GL28C
  • Table of sections
  • Beams with constant and variable inertia
  • Large beams with “broken corners” (beveling of the edge, chamfers)
  • Jibs or counter-jibs calculated at your request by our design office

Curved Beams

  • Sections of 300mmx2500mmX40.000.000mm
  • All curved parts or frames in curved design
  • Any curved barrel structure (single convex curvature)
  • Any curved structure with a single concave curvature
  • Double curvature frame (torus section with one bending radius and two turning radii)

Standard beams

  • All sections in finger-jointed/glued wood
  • Available in Douglas fir, pine, spruce and larch
  • Strength classes GL24H/GL24C/GL28H/GL28C
  • Table of sections
  • Jibs or counter-jibs calculated on request by our design office


  • Solid laminated slabs used primarily for floor levels
  • The dimensions are adapted according to the technical requirements: the thickness goes from 40mm to 240mm, the length up to 41000mm and the width varies from 200mm to 2000mm.
  • Artdalles have excellent mechanical performance.
  • The “weight/performance” ratio facilitates transport and implementation
  • Slabs benefiting from an assembly notch allowing a high speed of execution.
  • Excellent thermal resistance, thermal storage and water vapor diffusion properties. Suitable for underfloor heating.

Particular parts of carpentry, assembly or construction

  • Realization of posts and beams
  • Re-gluing of beams, also called block beams
  • Studies and realizations in glued laminated timber of veneers, sandpits, ridges and trusses
  • Gabled beams

Calculated ironwork (supply and installation in workshop)

  • Ironwork calculated by us
  • Development and manufacturing of Simpson housings
  • Supply and installation of stirrups in the factory

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