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Our Advantages

Why choose glulam ?

Creation and development: architectural freedom
• Pushes the limits of creativity with exceptional mechanical properties

• Allows great freedom in the design and development of architectural perspectives

• Easy and harmonious installation with other materials and techniques

• Enables longer spans while maintaining excellent load-bearing capacity
Qualité et précision numérique en production​
Quality and digital precision in production
• No compromise on quality with full control over the supply and production chain

• Highest level precision at all stages ensuring rigorous production and consistent quality

• Neat finishes adapted to your requirements
Know-how, experience and qualifications
• Numerous references attesting to successful installations of frameworks and complex structures

• Qualifications and respect for the traditions of master carpenters

• Cumulative experience of decades in development, production and on-site verification Artbois warranty (on all the structures we have carried out the study)
Propriétés mécaniques, résistance et comportement au feu, résistance sismique​
Mechanical properties, fire resistance and behavior, seismic resistance
• Sizing in accordance with the rules of the art

• Rigorous monitoring and control of humidity at all stages

• Exceptional fire behavior: Artbois has also developed a method to improve fire behavior, an essential quality in many public works

• Rigidity and dimensional stability offering, like any wood product, excellent ductile behavior
Facilité et rapidité de mise en oeuvre​
Ease and speed of implementation
• High-precision digital cutouts made according to your measurements

• 'Ready To Go': ease of handling and installation on leaving the workshop

• No particular constraints in terms of installation time or conditions of use
Wood species and eco-responsibility
• Use of all species (douglas fir, larch, fir, spruce) depending on your project

• Specialization and expertise in glued laminated Belgian larch with high added value

• Direct positive contributor to the carbon and energy balance of the building

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