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We are specialized in the field of glued laminated timber frame. We develop and deliver unique wood pieces, the result of decades of expertise, know-how and technology.

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Over 32 years of experience


Why choose Artbois glulam?

A concentrate of technology and mastery of the noblest of materials, Artbois glulam offers unique characteristics to realize your project. We make it possible to combine a healthy material with a modern design, combining exceptional mechanical properties with respect for the traditions of carpenters and builders. The development of our products, entirely carried out by our research department, allows us to make your projects take off….

Production process

Discover our production process

At the forefront of glulam research, we have developed modern production techniques that meet the highest quality standards and expectations. We are constantly investing in more efficient tools, which are as environmentally friendly as possible and allow us to guarantee an exceptional quality/price ratio. Our production site can handle all types of wood intended for use in glulam and supply all the beams and structures for your projects.


Our glulam products of various wood species

We can produce and deliver any quantity and section of long beams, standard beams, curved beams, glulam floors according to your wishes. Our products are free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and are available in various species (fir, spruce, larch, etc.). We optimize the management of our stock of raw materials so that we can always serve you and deliver the quality of Artbois glulam.


The fields of application of our work

Our products can be used for individual buildings, collective housing, industrial halls, commercial spaces, structures… The technical and mechanical limits of Artbois glulam are constantly pushed back by the evolution of our production technologies. We can produce beams up to 2.4M high and more than 40M long, processed in the most appropriate way depending on the destination of your project

Our customers talk about us


Bravo for the order for Notre-Dame de Paris

JP Degulne - Avis
Jp Degulne


Lionel Conrard - Avis
Lionel Conrad

Very nice company that makes glued laminates!

Jonathan Ost - Avis
Jonathan Ost

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