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The company

Our company and its history


Patrick Vanhorenbeeck, industrial draughtsman, master carpenter, wood frame technician, company manager, graduate of the Fédération Compagnonnique and of the Bordeaux Academy, created Artbois in 1990.
After training in the resistance of materials applied to glued laminated wood in Paris, he began producing straight and curved glued laminated beams in 1995.
At the end of 2007, the development of the company allows it to establish itself in the industrial zone of Gantaufet. This important investment of almost 6 Mio EUR for a production capacity of 6.000m³ per year. An investment project started at the end of 2021 will increase the net capacity to over 12,000m³per year. The site extends over a property of 2.2 ha including 4800m² of heated workshops.
In 2008, the industrial tool is completed by the acquisition of a machining center K2 of more than 60m length, making Artbois one of the main actors of the glued laminated timber in Belgium and in the Greater Region.
In 2013, investments in an automated sorting center and automatic transfer-loading line for the 41m press.
In 2018, the company is developing and applying an adhesive that is guaranteed to be VOC-free (volatile organic compounds).
Artbois has been diversifying its production for years by offering its customersArtDalle.
In 2020, new investments in machinery: large capacity bottling machine and automatic hydraulic press of 2500 tons, 41m long.
In 2021, the company will build a temporary storage hall with a capacity of 1,000m³ to meet the growing demand and to cope with supply crises in the wood sector.
The company now employs about 20 people and regularly recruits to meet its growing need for specialized manpower. Apply here if you want to join us!

Design office

Artbois has its own design office, specialized in the design, analysis and production of elements, structures or complete glulam frames. The design office plays an essential role in the development of products and in their execution according to the standards in force. Our engineers and operators are the guarantors of the respect of these standards in the whole production process. Warranty and responsibilities Artbois. Our mastery of our processes allows us to present the Artbois guarantee, limited in The Artbois guarantee, granted for projects using our services from start to finish, from the design to the realization according to the rules of the art, including the calculation, the specifications, the production and the implementation according to the plans, notes and constraints issued by our design office.
We ask you to take here our general terms and conditions of sale. If you would like more information, please contact us.

Operating site and deliveries

Operating site:
Artbois is produced on a single site located in the commune of Etalle, in the Gantaufet area, near the Valvert-Nestlé bottling plant.
The company has a main building of 4800m² on a dedicated site of 1,5 ha.
We also have a storage hall directly adjacent to our production hall.

Rolling stock:
The company has the necessary vehicles to carry out its activities, ranging from simple utility vehicles to loading trucks:

  • Man 40 tons 410 HP 4X4 + semi for beams up to 16 meters.
  • Overhead cranes 2 times 32m 5T
  • 2 semi gantries 12m 3,2T
  • 3 jibs 2T
  • 1 velocipede crane 1T

If necessary, the company has control over the arrangements necessary for the organization of exceptional transport.

Certifications & Ecological Footprint

The company has the following certifications:

  • Test proving the absence of toxicity 0 VOC

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